Minnesota Chat Lines

Access Code: 5432

(763) 210-1783 Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

Minnesota chat is a great "new" approach to the voiceless public chats provided by some of the other matchmaking sites on the Web. LocalLovePersonals.com wanted to take MN chat back to school by providing a real human voice interactive mobile chat. Rather than sift and sort through emails...just call into this service and start up a conversation. It has all of the initial anonymity of the Internet without the impersonal approach. You can actually listen to the sound of someone.s voice, hear their tone, and then make a decision about "who" they are. One of the primary problems in getting to know people over the Internet has been solved by Locallovepersonals.com---you no longer have to word everything so carefully to get the right tone. Now you can just use the sound of your voice to convey who you are to another person. Minnesota chat is for everyone. It doesn't matter if you're straight or gay...there's something or someone here for you. Just grab a phone or a voice line and start chatting with Minnesota chat lines.

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